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In 1943,  Harold J Krier bought a farm on the outskirts of Random Lake where he grew fresh vegetables for the local canning business.  He also raised livestock and grew strawberries for the town people and groceries in the area. His knack for growing fresh produce led him to an idea for growing a new product... Instant lawns.

During the late 1950’s, after some experimentation and ingenuity, Harold harvested his first roll of sod in the spring of 1960. Getting the sod onto the truck, proved to be a back-breaking task.
Since 1960

Random Lake, WI
After brain-storming with his pal "Arno", they converted a potato digger into a rolling machine that sent each roll to a conveyor, then on the truck where it was stacked in place. They used this system until 1977, when they bought an Auto-Harvester, allowing  rolls to be stacked directly onto a wooden pallet. Shortly after, the mobile forklift was invented and the rest is history.

Sod is nurtured for several growing seasons before being harvested and loaded for delivery. Regularly inspected, fertilized, irrigated, and treated with special care.  We use only the best varieties of professionally grown seed on the market, extensively tested to be the cleanest & highest quality seed available.  Our mineral sod can tolerate various types of soil such as sandy, gravel, clay, and loamy soils.

Harold J Krier
Sod   Farmers   Since   1960
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Krier Sod Company has the experience & up-to-date equipment to complete all types of projects.  Call today.  Don't delay. Enjoy your new lawn right away.
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