Q. How often should I water my newly SEEDED lawn?
A. Newly seeded lawns require moisture at all times. Constant moisture is necessary for proper germination. The ground should be kept wet but not to the point of runoff.  Letting new seedlings get dry can hinder the germination process.  Hot/dry weather will require more attention. When moving your sprinkler, start by watering farthest away then pull the hose toward yourself when it's time to water a new section. Maintain consistent moisture for at least four weeks before reducing watering practices. Seeded lawns usually take two full growing seasons before becoming thick and mature.
Q. How often should I water my newly SODDED lawn?
A. Simply make sure that your sod is soaked completely through, so that the ground underneath is soaked also.  Do this continually for at least two weeks before reducing watering practices.  Be aware that hot/dry weather will require more attention.  It is important to water the sod immediately after it has been unrolled.  
Q.When should I fertilize my new lawn?
A. Newly seeded lawns need their first fertilizer application about three weeks after planting.  This  encourages root growth and fills thin or bare areas.  Newly sodded lawns already have a mature root structure and should be maintained accordingly.  Keeping your new lawn on a regular fertilizer/ herbicide program is recommended. 
Q. Why does my seeded lawn have thin or bare spots?
A. It's normal for newly seeded lawns to have thin or bare areas when it begins to grow. Wind, shade, pitch, soil type, and moisture content, are factors that cause seed to germinate at a faster or slower rate. Water, fertilizer & time are  the requirements necessary for growing a new lawn from seed.  New lawns should have a fertilizer application about three weeks after planting.  This assists with filling bare or thin areas. Grass has a rhizome root structure that grows horizontally across the ground. Fertilizer and water  encourage this type of  root growth .  Remember, newly seeded lawns take at least two full growing seasons(16 months) before becoming thick and mature.
Q. Why does my new lawn have weeds growing with it?
A. All newly seeded lawns will have some types of weed growth since all of nature's soils contain numerous undesirable weed seeds. These weeds are often easily treated with a chemical spray by your local lawn care specialist.  Regular fertilizing & irrigation reduces the threat of unwanted weeds within the turf.  Mow your lawn at a 3 inch height. 

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