Q. What is the size and weight of sod?
A. Our rolls are 1.5ft wide x 4.5ft long(6.75 sq. ft)
     Each pallet holds 60 rolls(405 sq. ft) or (45 sq. yds)
     Each roll weighs between 20-30 Lbs depending on moisture content. 
     Each roll has a soil/root structure that is approximately 1 inch thick.

Q. How often should I water my newly SODDED lawn?
A. Simply make sure that your sod is soaked completely through, so that the ground underneath is soaked also.  Do this continually for at least two weeks before reducing watering practices.  Be aware that hot/dry weather will require more attention.  It is important to water the sod immediately after it has been unrolled. Check regularly to avoid drying out the sod. Fertilizer is recommended before sod installation. Ask about our Starter Fertilizer when ordering. 

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